Il Restauro

A piece of antique furniture, whether it is a valuable piece or an affective memory, requires care and attention to preserve it as time goes by. Thanks to specific techniques and knowledge La Bottega del Restauro is able to recover any wood furniture and item.

Each piece of furniture, depending on its age and needs, is treated by skillful hands with the most appropriate method such as: feather-brush polishing (mirror), wax or lacquer coatings, anti-woodworm, restoration of missing and / or decayed parts, restoration of locks, handles and mechanisms, etc.

The restoration is not limited to furniture or furnishing but to all wood items as well: from floors to ceilings, from window fixtures (both outside and inside) to stairs and coverings.

  • Free surveys and estimates
  • Pick-up and delivery of restored furniture, furnishings and items
  • On-site service for furniture and items which cannot be moved (stairs, window frames, valuable pieces of furniture, ceilings, beams, etc)
  • Search and selection of the appropriate natural wood for state-of-the-art restoration works
  • Restoration of antique furniture with carvings, decorations and parts coated with veneers
  • Anti-woodworm treatments

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