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Taste and experience, from the project to the making of traditional and modern furnishings. La Bottega del Restauro only uses sophisticated high quality materials, both new and recyclable, to realize unique and refined pieces of furniture which distinguish your house for real.

La Bottega del Restauro realizes different kind of new furniture, wood items and accessories: furniture, windows, floors, staircases, outdoor furnishings and roofing, coatings, living in-loft galleries, and many others. All of them, with the same care that distinguish all our creations.

The recyclable wood comes from the dismantling of antique beams which is then treated and used for the making of new projects.

La Bottega del Restauro also specializes in the making of furniture and wood accessories with natural finishes realized with water based oils and waxes which replace the traditional paints. With such finish the wood furniture and accessories appear as it is. Besides their natural beauty, these furniture and wood accessories are easy to maintain and restore.

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